MeetMeHere (aka mmh) is the newest innovation in social networks. Imagine a fun fast network where you can quickly meet and chat with others based on proximity, interest and availability. Need a last minute babysitter? Easily search for one nearby. Looking for a new running partner? Find someone just as passionate about fitness as you are. In the worst case, not knowing people around you can be dangerous and in the best case, we are missing great opportunities to help and support each other. MMH gives us Instant continuous connections!

We want to help YOU to quickly know people on your block, or others across the globe, offering you an easy way to chat anytime and help people help each other.

mmh is based on years of research and development. We improve by continuously listening to what users want and developing tools that help build strong relationships. We want to help make the world a better place - and that better place starts around you!

"I lived on a little street in Toronto and used to have small talk with my neighbours almost every day, but after 20 years I didn't know or remember even their first name. I longed to know more about the people around me - their name, occupation, interests, passions and how we could better relate to one another. This inspired me to create MeetMeHere.com."

- Peter Wolfl, President and CEO, MeetMeHere

At mmh, we turn 20 years into 20 seconds. Users can quickly learn about people and business around them by scanning profiles and engaging, publicly or privately. You can jump in or out of non-stop local or worldwide discussions and interest-based chat about unlimited topics - the possibilities are endless!

Join us today to help people help each other and be the change you want to see in your community.

Last updated: Jan. 28, 2016.

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